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Emilio Gagliardi
Emilio Gagliardi
Emilio Gagliardi, M.Sc., (the founder of Grow Food Indoors) is a social scientist turned sustainability innovator and Upstart Farmer. Emilio has been researching the causes, impacts, and solutions of climate change since 2008. From then on, he has dedicated himself to becoming a leader in supporting the people of Edmonton ...
Grow Food Indoors - Course Stream

About this course

Grow Food Indoors - Course Stream

This program was designed to teach people with little or no experience, how to grow healthy and nutritious food in a small, indoor space, and how to keep growing continuously. 

Spring System

Spring System by Bright Agrotech. A standalone hydroponic growing system.

  • Are you are worried about the state of our food system, and want to take action in your own home?
  • Do you have children, and want to ensure they continue to have access to high-quality food?
  • Do you feel strongly about becoming a more resilient and healthy person?

Grow Food Indoors is for you if you want to take an active role in producing the food you eat.

Eating fresh greens every day is one of the most important lifestyle choices you can make to living a long and healthy life. You will also enjoy the sense of accomplishment from eating the freshest food available.

Indoor gardening will open a whole new world of possibilities (and challenges), what you need are the right tools and the right information, along with knowledgeable support, and you'll be growing too! That's where the

That's where the Grow Food Indoors 6-month program comes in. 

A complete system that you can use to grow food, and access to local experts and other like-minded people to support you while you learn the steps. The key benefits of the Course-only Online Stream are:

  • An easy to use online course that you can access anytime from any mobile device.
  • Complete Materials Lists and assembly instructions to build your indoor vertical garden.
  • Discounts on All Food System Packages.
  • Access to community discussion board and Facebook group

The course website provides participants with all the information that they need to start growing Microgreens and leafy greens in ZipGrow Towers. The website allows participants to discuss program topics and materials through a discussion board. The website remains available to all paid participants as an excellent reference manual.

The garden kit has been carefully selected to maximize your learning and your harvest while remaining easy to use for all ages. It also scales with your budget and motivation. Once you learn how to grow a single tower of leafy greens, you can grow more and more. 

Note. The materials outlined in the course are NOT included when you purchase the course. Each student/household is responsible for purchasing the required materials. The course and the materials are purchased separately to provide as much flexibility as possible. If you need additional support through the purchasing phase of your indoor garden materials, contact

The New Farm Wall by Bright Agrotech. A revolutionary hydroponic and aquaponic growing system.

The New Farm Wall by Bright Agrotech. A revolutionary hydroponic and aquaponic growing system.

Two Methods to Grow Food Indoors

The program introduces two methods to grow food indoors: Microgreens and the ZipGrow Tower by Bright Agrotech. Both require similar materials, tools and environmental conditions (the indoor environment of most homes is ideal for growing food). The Microgreens are ready to eat 12 days after germinating, and they provide immediate results you can enjoy. Leafy greens take around 25-35 days before they're  ready for eating, which is why the two methods have been paired in this program. Together, they provide a more continuous output of food.

Plus, its can take a couple of tries to grow a quality batch of seedlings for the ZipGrow Towers. 

The Microgreens are grown in standard gardening trays with a soilless medium called Coconut coir. Coir is an excellent media because it diverts coconut husks from the landfill and it's also compostable after they've been used for growing veggies. We use Microgreen seed mixes available mix from most organic and health food stores. Any Microgreen mix you can find will work.

The ZipGrow Tower is an excellent hydroponic growing system for beginners! It's self-contained, extremely well built, and produces a lot of food!

Emilio Gagliardi, M.Sc.,

Founder and Instructor at Grow Food Indoors.

The ZipGrow Tower is a versatile and rewarding growing technique. ZipGrow Towers and FarmWalls require additional infrastructure and supplies to grow food. The Garden Kit in this course contains everything else you need to actually begin growing.

Included with the course is access to a custom growing stand that makes it easier for people to operate ZipGrow Towers. ZipGrow Towers are designed to be mounted to a wall or vertical surface. For those individuals that live in apartments or homes where it is not possible to mount to a wall directly, then a growing stand is necessary.


At the end of the 6 months, each participant will have:

  • Learned to germinate microgreens and leafy greens
  • Learned to grow seedlings in coir pellets
  • Learned to transplant seedlings into a ZipGrow Tower
  • Learned to Grow with and Operate a ZipGrow Tower
  • Inspired friends and family to join in the action

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Program
  • Unit 2 - The Big Picture
  • Unit 3 - Getting Started
  • Unit 4 - A Brief Overview Of Growing Plants
  • Unit 5 - Technique 1: Microgreens
  • Unit 6 - Technique 2: Growing Greens In ZipGrow Towers
  • Unit 7 - Action Guides
  • Unit 8 - Diagnosing Symptoms
  • Additional Resources