Grow Food Indoors – Course Stream

How To Use The Website

This stream includes access to a course website, and it’s intended to be a useful resource to help you grow food in your home. The material is divided into Units and Pages. Each Unit contains a number of Pages that explain a related topic.

There are no exams in this course, although there is a certificate that participants receive once they have completed the stream. This course is focused on providing easy to follow instructions to help you grow your own food.

Once you have enrolled, you will be sent an email with login information to access your own Dashboard, a web page where you can access the course content.

One of the helpful resources on the Dashboard allows you to quickly see how far you’ve progressed through the course, and which Units you’ve completed and which Units you have yet to complete.

Students who register for the stream will also have the ability to connect through the website and start their own discussions.

There will also be a Facebook Group available for anyone who purchased the course without the workshop component.

Finally, there is a private Facebook Group that I’ve set up to allow Online stream students a place to chat and discuss issues. You can access the Facebook group here.